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“Woman.Sea.” with 5 nominations to Shortcutz Lisbon Awards

Short film “Woman.Sea.“, produced by Um Segundo Filmes and directed by Pedro and Filipe Pinto, is one of the featured films on the 4th edition of Shortcutz Lisbon Awards, which annually awards the best portuguese short films.

Of the 13 categories in the competition, “Mulher.Mar.” is nominated for 5 of them:

Best Production
UM SEGUNDO FILMES and Pedro Medeiros

Best Director
Pedro Pinto and Filipe Pinto

Best Editing
Pedro Pinto, Filipe Pinto and Diogo Manso

Best Actress
Teresa Andrade

Best Sound
Diogo Manso

You can watch the trailer below:

Brothers Pinto short film, had been already awarded with the Grand Jury Award in the 9th MIFEC and with the prize “Curtas da Casa”, in Douro Film Harvest 2012.

 Shortcutz is an international movement of short films present in Lisbon, Oporto, Viseu, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid and Dublin. In Lisbon, it happens every Tuesdays at 10 p.m., in Bicaense. In Oporto, every Wednesday, at the same time at Hard Club. In all, admission is free.

Nomeados para Melhor Realizador

Nomeados para Melhor Realizador

Here’s the full list of nominees :

Best Short Film
Adolfo, O Rapaz Galinha, by João Carrilho
A Bailarina, by Fabrice R. Pinto and Cátia Garcia
Bué Sabi, by Patrícia Delgado
O Cágado, by Pedro Lino and Luís da Matta Almeida
Gone with Smoke, by Junny Zhu Ni
Herculano, by Sérgio Graciano
M, by Joana Bartolomeu
O Reino, by Paulo Castilho
Sob, by Nuno Prudêncio

Best Production
Bué Sabi, Joana Dias
June, Siuki Yip
Mulher.Mar., UM SEGUNDO FILMES and Pedro Medeiros

Best Director
Herculano, Sérgio Graciano
Mulher.Mar., Filipe Pinto and Pedro Pinto
O Reino, Paulo Castilho

Best Actor
Miguel Borges, Herculano
João Craveiro, Bílis Negra
José Mateus, Lúcio

Best Actress
Teresa Andrade, Mulher.Mar.
Carla Bolito, Sob
Inês Worm Tirone, Bué Sabi

Best Script
Herculano, de Filipa Poppe e Célia Costa
Robbery, de Bruno Gomes, Gina Lobosco e Chris Hambright
Sob, de Nuno Prudêncio

Best Photography
Bué Sabi, Eberhard Schedi
June, Siuki Yip
O Reino, Paulo Castilho

Best Orginal Score
Gone With Smoke, Kaze Patrício Chan
Herculano, Rodrigo Leão
O Reino, Miguel Santos

Best Editing
Bílis Negra, Nuno Sá Pessoa
Mulher.Mar., Pedro Pinto, Filipe Pinto and Diogo Manso
Sob, Nuno Prudêncio

Best Sound
Bué Sabi, António Pedro Figueiredo
Mulher.Mar., Diogo Manso
O Reino, Simão Lopes

Best Art Direction
Bué Sabi, Adriana Ventura
June, Fernando Eloy, Derek Hoo and Roberto Carlos Osório
O Reino, Júlio Alves

Best Animation
Adolfo, O Rapaz Galinha, by João Carrilho
O Cágado, by Pedro Lino and Luís da Matta Almeida
Dona Fúnfia, by Margarida Madeira

Best Documentary
Memories Under (De)Construction, by André Agostinho
Oh Johny, by Paulo Carneiro
Píton, by André Guiomar

The Shortcutz Lisbon Awards 2014 ceremony  will take place on March 1, from 10:30 p.m. at Musicbox in Lisbon, and admission is free. Besides the awards ceremony, there will be a performance of Live Poetry with the Slam poet José Anjos, video art of John Pinto, a Dj set of “The Lonesome Spit” aka Gonçalo Freitas, and musical performances and special guests to announce soon.

For further information, please follow SHORTCUTZ Lisbon, on facebook.