Um segundo filmes


This Documentary traces the path of Positivism in Brazil from its peak – the Proclamation of the Republic, in 1889 – to the present day.
Filmed in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, “The Last Religion” brings to light the ideas and people who, today still, defend and believe in a world more dominated by knowledge and altruism as ways to combat two of the biggest problems with a global scale: religious fundamentalism and the closed horizons of capitalism.

DirectorHugo Pinto
ProductionHugo Pinto; Luísa Sequeira
Director AssistantLuísa Sequeira
Co-ProductionUm Segundo Filmes
ImageHugo Pinto; Luísa Sequeira
EditingHugo Pinto; Victor Carvalho
Post-ProductionUm Segundo Filmes