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Jacinto, Best SME in Automotive Industry

In their 2013’s special edition, with the ranking of the 1000 best portuguese SMEs, EXAME magazine has distinguished JACINTO as the Best enterprise playing in the Automotive Industry.

Jacinto Oliveira, CEO da empresa Jacinto

Na foto temos o Sr. Engº Jacinto Oliveira, CEO da empresa Jacinto a receber o prémio (lado direito), acompanhado pelo Sr. Presidente da comissão executiva da Caixa Geral de Depósitos José de Matos (lado esquerdo)

Among 1000 SMEs, JACINTO managed to get a very creditable 333th place, which fills us with pride as partners for the present and future.

In 2012, we produced a promotional video for the presentation of the Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle (VUCI), in collaboration with the Bombeiros Voluntários da Aguda.

Last year, was the turn of the Forest Fire Fighting Vehicle (VFCI), this time with Bombeiros Voluntários da Feira.

The partnership keeps going forward, so we will have more news for 2014, with bold surprises.

We can only congratulate JACINTO and all its employees.